Emergency and Utility Services in Chhattisgarh

Every state government owes responsibility to provide all major public utilities and emergency services to its citizens. Various departments operating under state government are responsible for providing these services to the residents of the region. Utility services include a number of civic amenities including electricity, water and sanitation, urban development, banking and financial services, telecom and postal services etc. Well planned and organized network of the civic amenities is must to ensure proper development of any state and its citizens. Government of Chhattisgarh is also working hard towards infrastructural development of the state and arranging all essential utilities for the citizens in the state.

Electricity Supply in Chhattisgarh

Electricity is one of the prominent utility services provided by any state government to its citizens. In fact, it makes a major part of overall development of any state or region. In Chhattisgarh too, Department of Energy under Govt. of Chhattisgarh manages overall availability of electricity within state. To make it possible, state electricity regulation commission, various agencies and other related departments have been established by the state govt. under department of energy. Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board that became functional w.e.f. 01.12.2000 was reorganized into following five companies in accordance with the provisions contained in the Section 131-134 of Electricity Act 2003 by the Govt. of Chhattisgarh vide Notification dated 19.12.2008 and these successor companies of CSEB became functional w.e.f. 01.01.2009.

Utility Services in Chhattisgarh
Power Transmission in Chhattisgarh
  • The Chhattisgarh State Power Holding Company Limited (CSPHCL)
  • The Chhattisgarh State Power Generation Company Limited (CSPGCL)
  • The Chhattisgarh State Power Transmission Company Limited (CSPTCL)
  • The Chhattisgarh State Power Distribution Company Limited (CSPDCL)
  • The Chhattisgarh State Power Trading Company Limited (CSPTCL)
Department of Energy
Irrigation Colony, Shanti Nagar, Raipur (CG.) Pin-492001
Website: https://cspdcl.co.in/cseb/(S(pnmfavb4d1en0vpgilrkar4i))/frmsupplyCode.aspx

Power Distribution Companies in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board was reorganized into five companies in the year 2008, accordance with the provisions in the Section 131-134 of Electricity Act 2003 by the Govt. of Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh State Power Holding Company Limited, Chhattisgarh State Power Generation Company Limited, Chhattisgarh State Power Transmission Company Limited, Chhattisgarh State Power Distribution Company Limited and Chhattisgarh State Power Trading Company Limited are the five companies which look after overall generation, transmission, distribution and trading of electricity in the state of Chhattisgarh.

CSEGCL is the main company responsible for power generation in the state and generates electricity through its coal based thermal power stations and from Hydro electric power stations and co-generation sources. Three main thermal power plants running under ownership of CSEGCL and generating power for the state include Hasdeo Thermal Power Station which is also known as Korba West Thermal Power Station. Dr Shyama Prasad Mukharjee Thermal Power Station is another coal based thermal power plant under CSEGCL. Apart from these thermal power stations several other power plants are planned to be installed in future. Marwa Thermal Power Plant is one of them and under implementation right now. Marwa Thermal Power Station is an upcoming coal fired power station at Marwa village located in Janjgir-Champa district of Chhattisgarh state in India. The planned capacity of this power plant is 1000 MW (2x500 MW).

Chhattisgarh State Power Holding Company Limited

Address: Vidyut Sewa Bhawan, Doongaji Colony, Raipur
Chhattisgarh 492013, India

Chhattisgarh State Power Generation Company Limited
Address: CSPGCL, Vidyut Sewa Bhawan, Ground Floor
Dangania, Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492013

Chhattisgarh State Power Transmission Company Limited
(A Successor Company of CSEB)
Address: Vidyut Sewa Bhawan, Danganiya, Raipur, C.G. - 492013, India

Chhattisgarh State Power Distribution Company Limited
Address: Danganiya, Raipur, C.G. - 492013, India
For Electricity Complaints Call 1912
Website: https://www.cspdcl.co.in/cseb/

Chhattisgarh State Power Trading Company Limited
Address: Vidyut Sewa Bhawan, Doongaji Colony, Raipur
Chhattisgarh 492013, India

State Load Despatch Centre, Chhattisgarh

The State Load Despatch Centre is the apex body established to ensure integrated operation of the power system in the state of Chhattisgarh. It is the strategic functional unit of Chhattisgarh State Power Transmission Company Ltd. that operates all over the state. Hence, it facilitates proper electricity supply in the region.

State Load Despatch Centre, Chhattisgarh
Chhattisgarh State Power Transmission Company Limited
(A Successor Company of CSEB)
Address: Danganiya, Raipur, C.G. - 492013, India
Control Room: 0771-2574193, 2574198
FAX: 0771-2574174
Email: [email protected]
SLDC Office: 0771-2574184
PLCC: 080-60/66
Website: https://www.sldccg.com/

Chhattisgarh State Electricity Regulatory Commission

Chhattisgarh State Electricity Regulatory Commission (CSERC) is the main regulating body that promotes power sector in the State of Chhattisgarh. The headquarters of CSEC is situated at Raipur, the state capital. CSERC main role includes issuing licenses to anyone seeking to act as transmission licensees, distribution licensees or electricity traders with respect to their operations within the State as well as promotes co-generation and electricity generation from various renewable sources of energy. It also adjudicates upon all the disputes between the licensees and generating companies and to refer any dispute for arbitration. Chhattisgarh State Electricity Regulatory Commission acts as per National Electricity Policy, National Electricity Plan and Tariff Policy published under Sec.3 of the Electricity Act, 2003. It also overlooks reorganization and restructuring of electricity industry in the state and the matters concerning generation, transmission, trading and distribution of electricity or any other matter referred to the State Commission by the Government.

Chhattisgarh State Electricity Regulatory Commission
Address: Irrigation Colony, Shanti Nagar, Raipur (C.G.), Pin - 492001
Phone: +91-771-4073553
Fax: +91-771-2445857
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.cserc.gov.in/

Chhattisgarh State Renewable Energy Development Agency (CREDA)

Chhattisgarh State Renewable Energy Development Agency or CREDA constituted on 25th May 2001 under the Department of Energy, Govt. of Chhattisgarh is meant for implementation of various schemes pertaining to renewable energy sources and energy conservation activities in the state. CREDA has been established as the State Nodal Agency by the state govt. for development and popularization of non-conventional & renewable sources of energy. Various schemes like National Programme on Bio-gas Development, Solar Photo Voltaic, Solar Thermal, Remote Village Electrification and Biomass Gasifier, sponsored by Ministry of Non-Conventional & Renewable Energy Sources (MNRE), Govt. of India are implemented by CREDA in the state of Chhattisgarh.

CREDA owes responsibility of promoting energy efficiency and developing energy conservation projects besides facilitating renewable energy development within state of Chhattisgarh. Within a short span since its establishment, CREDA has done a tremendous job in terms of various energy efficiency activities in Chhattisgarh. Solar Energy Policy was released by the Govt. of Chhattisgarh on 20th November 2012 which will be operative till 31st March 2017. This Chhattisgarh Solar Energy Policy, 2012 is aimed to achieve a target of solar power generation capacity between 500MW to 1,000MW by March 2017.

Chhattisgarh State Renewable Energy Development Agency
(Dept. of Energy, Govt. of Chhattisgarh)
Address: CSERC Building, 2nd Floor, Shanti Nagar, Raipur - 492001, C.G.
Tel.: 0771-4019225, 4019226
Fax: 0771-4268389
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.creda.in

Water Supply in Chhattisgarh

Essential Services in Chhattisgarh
Water Supply in Chhattisgarh

Every state govt. pays major attention to the arrangement of water resources in the state. Water Resources Department of Chhattisgarh Govt. is mainly responsible for integrated and optimum development of surface and ground water resources in Chhattisgarh state. The main functions of this department are:
  • Assessing water resources in the state
  • Framing policy and guidelines for optimum water development in the state.
  • Bringing uniformity in development of water resources
  • Preparing plans for use of water resources with the help of research and technology
  • Framing policy for irrigation and drainage work
  • Framing policy for integrated and planned use of ground and surface water resources for irrigation and other related uses
  • Maintaining and reviewing the functionality of Irrigation systems and taking actions to improve the irrigation potential
  • Collecting and updating the Hydrological data and using them in planning of various projects
Water Resources Department
Address: Sihawa Bhawan, Civil Lines, Raipur, Chhattisgarh-492001
Contact: 0771-2331350
Website: https://cgwrd.in/

Drinking Water and Sanitation in Chhattisgarh

Proper arrangement of drinking water and sanitation in the state is essential for healthy living of the citizens. Public Health Engineering Department overlooks drinking water supply and sanitation in the state of Chhattisgarh. The Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) is a public agency, mainly responsible for rural water supply in Chhattisgarh. PHED owes responsibility to provide drinking water to the public during natural disasters. It provides drinking water and sanitation facilities in rural areas of the state. National Rural Drinking Water Programme and Swachh Bharat Mission are also operational in the state under PHED, Govt. of Chhattisgarh.

Public Health Engineering Department
Address: DKS Bhawan, Mantralaya, Raipur, Chhattisgarh-492001
Phone: 0771-2531005, 2510259

Urban Development in Chhattisgarh

Urban Administration and Development Department, Govt. of Chhattisgarh looks after overall development in urban areas of the state of Chhattisgarh. It provides all civic amenities for the citizens residing in urban areas. It works in co-ordination with various state government departments like town and country planning department, local urban development bodies such as Municipal Corporations and Nagar Nigams to ensure proper development of the urban areas in the state.

Urban Administration and Development
Indravati Bhawan, Block - D, 4th floor, New Raipur
Chhattisgarh, Pin Code - 492002
Phone: 0771-2510090
Fax: 0771-2533054
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Website: https://www.uad.cg.gov.in/

Town and Country Department

Indravati Bhawan, Block no.4, 3rd floor, New Raipur
Chhattisgarh, Pin Code - 492002
Phone: 0771-2511853
Fax: 0771-2511854
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Website: https://tcp.cg.gov.in/

Chhattisgarh Housing Board (CGHB)

Chhattisgarh Housing Board (CGHB) constituted on February 2004 under the Chhattisgarh Housing Board Act 1972 aims to provide housing facility to the lower income group (LIG) and economically weaker section (EWS) of the society on subsidized rates. Making dedicated efforts in the direction, CGHB has made a mark in providing housing facility with necessary infrastructure to the homeless and needy citizens of state at an affordable price. Commitment of Chhattisgarh Housing Board comprises creating eco-friendly, senior citizen friendly and disable friendly environment, promoting use of non- renewable sources of energy and water conservation.

Urban Development in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh Housing Board is majorly engaged in the construction of houses under integrated and Composite Housing Schemes and allotment of houses under lower income group, middle income group and higher income group categories. It provides Self-Financing Scheme for higher income group and middle income groups. Besides, monitors construction of shops, commercial complexes and multistoried buildings to be let out on rent to augment financial resources of the Board. Chhattisgarh Housing Board (CGHB) aims to ensure dwellings with necessary support infrastructure for all its citizens as well as providing shelter to all homeless rural families on subsidized rates and on priority basis.

Chhattisgarh Housing Board
Address: Head Office, Shankar Nagar, Sector - 1, Raipur - 492007, Chhattisgarh
Telephone: 0771-4081308
Fax: 0771-2446282
Website: https://cghb.gov.in/

Banking Services in Chhattisgarh

Banking and financial services are an integral part of utility services needed for stabilizing economic growth of both the citizens and the state. This is the reason why every part of the country has several public and private banking and financial institutions operating for sustaining economic development of any region. In Chhattisgarh too, all leading nationalized and private banks are present and providing banking and financial services to the masses. Besides, few regional banks such as Chhattisgarh State Cooperative Bank Ltd. and Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin Bank also operate within state. Over the time, banking facilities has updated and everything has become computerized and online banking facility has changed the entire scenario of banking services. Chhattisgarh too has a well developed network of all leading banks branches throughout the state.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
, launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has become an easy option for people with low income to open a zero balance bank account with facilities of RuPay Debit card, 30,000 Rs. life insurance and accidental cover of 1 lakh. Besides, if customer maintains bank account active with some savings then an overdraft facility of Rs. 5000 is also available under this scheme. As in other parts of the country, this scheme has emerged as a convenient banking option for urban and rural customers with low income in the state of Chhattisgarh. Along with Bharatiya Mahila Bank Ltd. also operates in Chhattisgarh. This bank is one of the pioneer banking institutions dedicated to women empowerment in terms of economical strength.

Bharatiya Mahila Bank
Address: Pujari Chambers, Dhamtari Road, Raipur - 492001, Chhattisgarh
IFS Code: BMBL0000015
MICR Code: 492733001
Phone: 0771-2274909/ 10
Ms. Vijeta Rathore: 08889578885

Chhattisgarh State Cooperative Bank Ltd.

Chhattisgarh State Cooperative Bank Ltd., also known as APEX Bank is operating to provide financial aid to the rural population and farmers in the state of Chhattisgarh. It provides agriculture loans and other related facilities to the farmers to enhance agricultural production that further help in improving income and strengthening economical status of the rural population of the state. Chhattisgarh State Cooperative Bank Ltd. operates in the whole state with head office at Raipur. It has 6 regional branches and 231 branches located across the state.

Chhattisgarh State Cooperative Bank Ltd. (APEX Bank)
Address: Main Office, Sharda Chowk, R.D. A. Building, Raipur, Chhattisgarh
FAX: 0771-2539690
Branch Manager: 0771-2234514(O), 09425513762(M)
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: https://www.cgapexbank.com/

Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin Bank

Established on 02.09.2013, Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin Bank is the amalgamation of erstwhile Chhattisgarh Gramin Bank, Durg Rajnandgaon Gramin Bank and Surguja Kshetriya Gramin Bank in terms of provisions of Regional Rural Banks Act 1976. Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin Bank is sponsored by State Bank of India and Govt. of India (50%), State Bank of India (35%) and Govt. of Chhattisgarh (15%) are the shareholders of this Bank. The Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin Bank aims to strengthen Rural Economy of the state. It operates in Chhattisgarh with head office located at Raipur, the state capital. It has 10 regional offices and 584 branches within state.

Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin Bank: https://www.cgbank.in/

Postal Services in Chhattisgarh

Postal services are one of the essential utilities used for written communication and various mailing purposes. Over the time, everything has updated and so as the postal services. As in other parts of the country, Indian Post provides postal services in the Chhattisgarh state. To provide a perfect network in the state, Chhattisgarh Postal Circle was formed on November 12, 2001 by Indian Post, the leading postal service run by Indian Government. Chhattisgarh Postal Circle comprises a vast network of 3122 Post Offices out of which 223 are serving in urban areas and 2899 are serving in rural areas of the state. Chhattisgarh Post is managed by the Chief Postmaster General having its headquarters at Raipur.

Apart from common mailing services, it offers a plethora of financial services and premium services too. Financial services include banking, postal life insurance, money order, E.C.S., international money transfer and eMO, and mutual fund facilities. And the premium services include speed post, business post, media post, greeting post, logistics post, direct post, retail post, express parcel post, national bill mail, forex services and e-payment etc. Besides, all leading courier service providers i.e. First Flight, DTDC, Gati-KWE, Blazeflash, Bluedart, Flyking, FedEx, Madhur, Trackon, On dot, Overnite Express, Akashganga and Reliance Courier etc. are present and providing courier services all over the state of Chhattisgarh.

Chhattisgarh Postal Circle

Raipur Head Post Office: Malviya Road, Raipur, Chhattisgarh - 492001
Chief Postmaster General: 0771-2233400
Postmaster General: 0771-2233400
Director Postal Services: 0771-2534194
General Post Office (GPO): 0771-2234577
Website: https://cgpost.gov.in/

Telecom Services in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh has a good network of telecom services including presence of government owned BSNL Chhattisgarh Circle and several other privately held telecom operators. BSNL is the main public sector telecom company providing telecom services in the state of Chhattisgarh. In fact, BSNL has established special Chhattisgarh circle to facilitate telecom services in the region. It has 6 circle units or SSAs namely, Raipur SSA, Durg SSA, Bilaspur SSA, Raigarh SSA, Sarguja SSA and Bastar SSA. It has a vast network of more than 550 exchanges and covers about 19750 villages of the state. Its far flung reach has enriched telecom connectivity within state of Chhattisgarh. BSNL, with presence of its vast network, aims to upgrade the quality of telecom services in Chhattisgarh to international level, to build a high degree of customer confidence by sustaining quality and reliability in service.

Telecom Services in Chhattisgarh
Telecom in Chhattisgarh

The company is also working towards expanding the telecom network so as to make new telephone connections freely available. Besides, it aims to increase accessibility of services, by providing a large number of Local and NSD/ISD Public Call Offices (PCOs) so as to reach out to the masses and to provide new telecom services like facsimile, cellular, video conferencing, electronic mail, voice-mail, internet, packet switched data network and leased lines all over the state. At present, BSNL provides a wide range of telecom services including mobile, landline, WLL and internet services. Apart from that several other private telecom companies are also operating in Chhattisgarh and providing telecom services in the state. These telecom companies are IDEA, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance Telecom, Aircel, Etisalat DB Telecom, Videocon and Loop Mobile. Majorly, these telecom companies provide telecom and broadband services in the state.

BSNL Chhattisgarh Circle
G.C. Pandey, CGMT
Phone: 0771-2229500
Website: https://www.chhattisgarh.bsnl.co.in

Emergency Services in Chhattisgarh

Emergency services are the essential services required for providing timely assistance to the victims and saving several precious lives in case of any emergency. Thus, every state govt. manages an organized network of emergency services including disaster management, hospitals, nursing homes, blood banks, ambulance services, fire services, police helpline etc. for its citizens. Chhattisgarh is not an exception too, as this state also avails a good network of such emergency services. Majorly, all emergency services are provided by state govt. of Chhattisgarh and besides few private organizations and societies also provide various emergency services in the state.

Police in Chhattisgarh

Police in ChhattisgarhChhattisgarh Police came in existence with the creation of Chhattisgarh state on 1st November 2000. As in all other parts of the country, police department owes responsibility to provide safe and secure environment to the citizens as well as control crime and maintain law and order in the state of Chhattisgarh. “Protect and Serve” is the motto of Police Department of Chhattisgarh. Government of Chhattisgarh has provided ample support to strengthen the police department and make it people-friendly. Chhattisgarh Police comes under direct control of Department of Home Affairs, Govt. of Chhattisgarh. The Chhattisgarh Police is headed by the Director General of Police (DGP). Shri SM Shukla, IPS was the first DGP of the Chhattisgarh Police Headquarter and A.N. Upadhyay is the 8th and current DGP of the state. At present, Chhattisgarh has16 armed Battalions (CAF) including 7 India Reserve Battalions. Besides, 5 ranges of the state viz. Durg, Bilaspur, Sarguja, Bastar and Raipur district are directly supervised by IG Police Intelligence. The IPS cadre has strength of 103.

Chhattisgarh is facing naxalism and naxal activities in the hilly and difficult terrain of the state are common. Thus, about two dozen MPVs have been added to the police MT fleet considering advantages of using Mine Protected Vehicles (MPVs) in heavily mined areas of Naxal influenced regions of the state. Chhattisgarh state has been a place occupied by several scheduled tribes and scheduled castes. Most of these people had to live in abject poverty and faced exploitation by the society. To help and provide security to this section of the society, several Anusuchit Janjati Kalyan (AJK) police stations have been established within state of Chhattisgarh. The Chhattisgarh force also has an automated Finger Print Bureau. State Training Academy is located at Chandkhuri to provide training to the policemen. Besides, a Counter Terrorism and Jungle Warfare (CTJW) college in Kanker has been established to provide specialized training to police force of the state.

Director General of Police, Chattisgarh
Address: Police Headquarters, Civil Lines, Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492001
Tel: 0771-4240001(O), 4240077(F)
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: https://www.cgpolice.gov.in/
Police Control Room: 0771-2424404

Police Helpline: 100

Disaster Management in Chhattisgarh

Department of Revenue and Disaster Management, Govt. of Chhattisgarh is responsible for managing all the arrangements concerning various disasters including earthquakes, floods, drought, landslide, fire, naxalism or landmine blasts etc. This department frames various policies and plans for prevention of the disasters as well as provides support to the victims. Chhattisgarh Academy of Administration also operates under disaster management department of Chhattisgarh for the purpose. State Disaster Relief Fund (SDRF) is also in functional status in all the disaster affected regions of Chhattisgarh. State Disaster Response Force also remains active during disaster to provide support and timely assistance to the affected people. Thus, it makes a major part of the emergency services available for the citizens in the state of Chhattisgarh.

Revenue and Disaster Management Department
Address: Mantralaya, Raipur, Chhattisgarh - 492001
Office: 0771-4058326, 2221972
Fax: 0771-2221248
Website: https://cg.nic.in/revenue/

Chhattisgarh Academy of Administration
Address: Indrawati Khand, Mantralaya Parisar, Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492001
Director General
Ph: 0771-2221280, 2222844
Fax: 0771-4080295, 4281280
E-mail: [email protected]
Director, CGAA Ph: 0771-2221279
Fax: 0771-4080295, 4281280

Hospitals in Chhattisgarh

Healthcare in Chhattisgarh
Hospitals in Chhattisgarh

Apart from being one of the fast developing states of the country, Chhattisgarh is one of the most populous states of the country and thus requires a good health care network to provide proper health care facilities to the citizens as well as to improve overall health status in the state. Chhattisgarh Medical Services Corporation Limited (CGMSCL) operating under Health and Family Welfare Department, Govt. of Chhattisgarh. This organization looks after overall healthcare infrastructure in the state of Chhattisgarh. At present, a number of well equipped hospitals are present in the state to cater every strata of society. The state houses some of the pioneer hospitals which are known for medical services and serve as the dotting option for several major medical treatments. Some of the well known hospitals located within Chhattisgarh are:

Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Memorial Hospital Raipur
Address: Opposite Central Jail, Jail Road, Moudhapara, Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492001
Phone: 0771-2511200, 2511201
Website: https://drbramhraipur.in/

Suyash Hospital
Medical & Health Care Institute
Address: Kota, Gudhiyari Road, Behind Hotel Piccadily
Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492001
Phone: +91-771-2575275
Fax: +91-771-2575833
Email: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.suyashhospitalraipur.com

MMI Narayana Multispecialty Hospital
Address: Dhamtari Road, Lalpur, Raipur, Chhattisgarh - 492001
Helpline: 0771-4210901/ 4210902
Heart Helpline: 8821818181
Emergency Dept.: 0771 - 4212765
Lab, Reports & Blood Bank: 07509061832
Email id: [email protected]
Website: https://www.narayanahealth.org/patients/locations/Raipur

Ram Krishna Care Hospital
Address: Unit - I, Aurobindo Enclave, Pachpedi Naka, Dhamtari Road
NH - 43, Raipur (C.G.) 492001
Unit - II, G.E. Road, Opp. Rajkumar College Complex, Near Dhuppad Petrol Pump
Raipur (C.G.) 492001
Phone: 0771-2419193/94, 3003300/01/02/03
FAX: 0771-4004037
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: https://www.ramkrishnacarehospitals.com/

Chhattisgarh Hospital Medical Research Centre & Institute
Address: Choubey Colony, Raipur - 492001, Chhattisgarh
Phone: 0771-2253600

Apollo Hospitals Bilaspur
Address: Seepat Road, Opp. I.I.M, Bilaspur (C.G.), India
Phone: + 91-7752-248300-06
Apollo Help Line: 09755556536, 9755550834, 9755593801, 9755593802
For OPD Appointment: + 91-7752-651066
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.apollohospitals.com/

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute
Address: Pandit JNM Medical College, Jail Road, Raipur Ho
Behind Marimata Temple, Raipur-Chhattisgarh - 492001
Mobile: +(91)-9301004005
Phone: +(91)-771-3089100, 3089101
FAX: +(91)-771-3089146
Website: www.fortishealthcare.com

Agrawal Hospital
(A Unit of Agrawal Institute of Medical Sciences Pvt. Ltd.)
Address: Opp. Raj Kumar Naravan Sukla Clinic, G.E. Road, Raipur - 492012
Phone: 0771-2254898

Korba Hospital
Address: 9, Main Road, Kosabadi, Chattisgarh - 495677
Phone: 07759-226736

Vivekananda Tribal Hospital
Address: Jagdalpur HO, Dharampura, Jagdalpur - 494001
Phone: +(91)-7782-229330

Bastar Seva Hospital
Address: Gandhi Nagar Ward, Jagdalpur HO, Near Bus Stand Road
Near Indira Gandhi Stadium, Jagdalpur - 494001
Phone: +(91)-9425261452

Fortis O P Jindal Hospital & Research Center
Address: Kharsia Road Patrapali, Kharsia, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh - 496661
Phone: +(91)-8827478001, 8827394994, +(91)-7762-227033, 227034

Apollo BSR Hospital
Address: Junwani Road, Smriti Nagar, Bhilai, Dist. - Durg, Chattisgarh, India
Phone No: 0788-4085100-200
Fax: 0788-4085132
Emergency Call-in: 0788-4085100, 2299999, 09981101111
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: https://www.apollobsr.com/

Dr R L Hospital and Trauma Centre
Address: Goushala Road, Raigarh HO, Opposite Police Petrol Pump
Raigarh, Chhattisgarh - 496001
Phone: +(91)-7762-231400, 232400

City Hospital
Address: Main Road, Kotra Road, Raigarh Ho, Hanuman Mandir
Raigarh, Chhattisgarh - 496001
Phone: +(91)-7762-324080

Sanjeevani CBCC USA Cancer Hospital
Address: In front of Jain Mandir, Near Ram Krishna Care Hospital, Dawada Colony
Pachpedhi Naka, Raipur, Chhattisgarh - 492001
Ph: +91 771 4061010
Fax: +91 771 4013120
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://scch.co.in/

Dhanwantari Hospital
Address: Plot No. 40/3, Nehru Nagar East, Near Agrasen Chowk
Bhilai - 490021 (CG)
Phone: +(91)-788-2292832, 2290294

Heritage Hospital
Address: Raipur Ganj, Near Timber Bhawan, Devendra Nagar
Sector 2, Raipur, Chhattisgarh - 492009
Mobile: +(91)-8717870920
Phone: +(91)-771-6670999, 6670109, 6670128, 6670102, 6670123
FAX: +(91)-771-6670111

Shri Balaji Institute of Medical Science
Address: Ekta Chowk, Dubey Colony, Near Mowa Police Station, Raipur (CG)
Phone: 0771-4218418

Mishra Speciality Hospital
Address: Road Next To SBI, Near Patidar Bhavan, Fafdih, Raipur (CG)
Phone: 0771-5037575

Blood Banks in Chhattisgarh

Blood banks serve as the major helping hand when it comes to save a precious life. Usually, blood units are required when blood transfusion becomes mandatory in case of heavy blood loss due to any accident or for operating major surgery. In such condition, blood banks play key role in arrangement of appropriate blood group and required blood units. Thus, a number of blood banks are established in every part of the world to confront any type of emergency in terms of blood supply. Chhattisgarh is also dotted with a number of well equipped blood banks which serve citizens of the state. However, all the major hospitals are well equipped with blood bank facilities but several other blood banks supported by various national and regional organizations are also present in the state. Here are listed some of the major blood banks in Chhattisgarh.

City Blood Bank
Address: Vivekanand Ashram, Adarsh Bazar, G.E. Road, Raipur (C.G.) 492001
Phone: 0771-4096061, 4096064, 4096068, 2223749, 2211622, 4032241
Mobile: +91-9827122374
Resi.: 0771-2253096
Website: https://www.citybloodbank.com

Indian Red Cross Society
Address: Dr. SK Binjhwar, Secretary
Chhattisgarh State Branch, Red Cross Bhawan
Collectorate Premises, G.E. Road, Raipur (Chhattisgarh)-492 001
Phone: 0771-4037564
Fax: 0771-4091982
E-mail: [email protected]

Chhattisgarh Association of Blood and Component Donor
Address: Rahul Sharma, Near Soni Cycle Store, 674 B, New Changorabhata, Raipur, (C.G.)
Email: [email protected]

Model Blood Bank
Address: Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Memorial Hospital, Raipur, CG
Website: https://drbramhraipur.in/mekahara-blood-bank.php

Thawait Blood Bank
Address: Tikrapara, Umang Colony, Chhattisgarh 492001
Phone: 0771-2424775

Sai Sahara Blood Bank
Address: A-3, Garchaz Complex, Jail Road, Jail Road, Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492001
Phone: 0771-2551050

Ekta Blood Bank
Address: Magarpara Road, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh
Phone: 0775-2643221

Chhattisgarh Blood Bank
Address: Raipur-Chhattisgarh - 492009
Phone: +(91)-771-2525667

Ambulance Services in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh Govt. is striving hard to provide all sorts of emergency services for its citizens. To make it possible, 108 Sanjeevani Express named an emergency ambulance service has been started to serve the citizens in the state. Along with ambulance helpline 102 is also operating in all the regions of the state. Both of these state govt. initiated emergency ambulance helplines and services have been very helpful in saving several lives and are successfully functioning all over the state. Apart from that several private ambulance services are also available in this state to combat any kind of emergency or medical urgency.

Sanjeevani Express Ambulance Helpine - 108
Ambulance Helpline - 102

Red Cross Society – 4091982

Fortis Ambulance Service
Address: Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Pandit JNM Medical College, Jail Road, Raipur Ho, Behind Marimata Temple, Raipur, Chhattisgarh - 492001
Mobile: +(91)-9301004005
Phone: +(91)-771-3089100, 3089101
Website: www.fortishealthcare.com

MMI Narayana Multispeciality Ambulance Services
Address: C/O MMI Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Raipur Ho
Raipur, Chhattisgarh - 492001
Mobile: +(91)-8821818181
Phone: +(91)-771-4212761
Website: www.narayanahealth.org

Aditi Samaj Sewi Sanstha
Address: A1, Mahavir Nagar, Near Anmol Super Bazar, Aadarsh Vihar, New Purena
Raipur, Chhattisgarh - 492009
Mobile: +(91)-9827176709, 9826701215, 7489081287
Phone: +(91)-771-4048980

Badhte Kadam Ambulance Services
Address: Badhte Kadam Bhavan, Main Road, Raipur Ho, Inside Muktidham
Devendra Nagar, Raipur, Chhattisgarh - 492001
Mobile: +(91)-9425509255, 9827115788
Website: www.badhtekadam.org

Shri Krishna Hospital
Address: Main Road, Raipur HO, New Rajendra Nagar, Raipur, Chhattisgarh - 492001
Mobile: +(91)-9981168352, 9981168353

Fire Services in Chhattisgarh

Fire may destroy several lives leaving a heap of ash and tears behind. Mostly, fire occurs due to negligence of proper fire safety arrangements and carelessness. In such case, fire station is contacted for assistance in controlling fire and saving lives of the victims. Thus, fire services are also counted among mandatory emergency services required at any place for the safety of the people. In Chhattisgarh too, fire services are made available by state govt. and several fire stations have been established at various locations in the state. These fire service stations are well-equipped with required equipment, machinery and manpower to control any kind of fire occurrence. In case of fire, one can contact nearest fire service in the state for help.

Fire Brigade, Raipur

Phone: 0771-2421201, 2412973, 2111280
Helpline: 1014016101

Fire Brigade Helpline – 101

As Chhattisgarh is one of the most populated states in the country it requires a vast network of emergency and utility services to cater all the citizens of the state. Over the time, this state has developed a lot in terms of infrastructural facilities and thus all the essential utilities are available in the state. Besides, all major emergency services are also being available in the state to serve citizens in case of any emergency. Along with disaster management department also provides support to the disaster affected population of the region.
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